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Since 1945, Troutlodge has specialized in the production of the highest-quality salmonid eggs. This gallery shows eggs at different stages of production and development.

USA Freshwater Facilities

Both in the Pacific Northwest and abroad, Troutlodge operates a number of facilities in order to meet its growing production demands and to maximize the quality of its products. Below are photos of our freshwater facilities in the USA.

Isle of Man Facilities

In June 2009, we completed construction of a new hatchery building on the Isle of Man. This facility utilizes state-of-the-art recirculation and temperature control technology to help us maximize the quality and quantity of our egg production from the Isle of Man. Below are photos of this hatchery building, as well as general photos from around both of our Isle of Man facilities (Glen Wyllin and Cornaa).

Genetic Selection Program

Troutlodge invests considerable time and money each year towards its comprehensive Genetic Selection Program, which is designed to optimize hatch-out rates, feed conversion, growth, and the marketability of the fish.

Big Island Butterfish

Big Island Butterfish is a product of Troutlodge Marine Farms of Kona. This fish, known also as sablefish or black cod, is a prized food fish throughout the Pacific Rim, particularly in Hawaii and Japan, for its pearly white flesh, large velvety flakes and sweet, rich flavor.

Troutlodge Marine

Troutlodge Marine Farms was established in 2007 as Troutlodge expanded its operations into commercial marine finfish aquaculture. Troutlodge Marine currently owns and operates two sites, one in Kona, Hawaii and the other in Vero Beach, Florida.

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