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Troutlodge, Inc. is the world’s leading producer of eyed salmonid eggs, shipping to over 50 countries each year. In operation since 1945, we specialize in Rainbow trout eggs, Silver steelhead eggs, and Atlantic salmon eggs, and offer all-female and triploid eggs for each species. In addition, we have grown to become the Pacific Northwest's leading supplier of live Rainbow trout for public and private stocking programs. At the heart of what we do are our valued customers, and we pride ourselves on serving them with the highest-quality products and services. We thank you for visiting our website, and invite you to take some time to explore the site to learn more about how you can benefit from The Troutlodge Advantage.


Troutlodge, Inc. is a vibrant enterprise with employees at all levels that are committed to our mission. We are proud to be a part of its continuing success, and we invite you to allow Troutlodge to partner with you as you seek to provide the best products to your valued customers. In this letter, The Troutlodge Board of Directors thanks you for your business and puts forth its commitment to you...


Troutlodge founder Ed McLeary holds a Rainbow trout along the shores of Rocky Ford Creek near Soap Lake, WA.


Founded in 1945, Troutlodge has since grown to become a world leader in salmonid aquaculture.  Learn more about how we have grown over the past 65+ years into what we are today.


Jim Barfoot and Andrew Barfoot of Troutlodge meet and enjoy dinner with the trout farmers of China's Yunnan Province in April 2007.  The meeting was arranged and attended by Troutlodge's Authorized Representative in China, Beijing Bio-Tech.


Learn more about who we are, why we exist, and where we are heading next! 


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