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Troutlodge, Inc.
Board of Directors

Greetings to those interested in Troutlodge, Inc, our company and our products.

Troutlodge is owned by Steve Brown, Jim Parsons, John Dentler and Hendrix-Genetics, the world leader in animal breeding and genetics across species such as chicken layers, chicken broilers, turkeys, pigs and now, aquaculture.   Steve Brown is an attorney with over 35 years of business and real estate experience. Jim Parsons brings over 35 years of aquaculture experience and is an accomplished quantitative geneticists well known in the industry. John Dentler has a broad background in fisheries, aquaculture, environmental management, government relations, and is also an attorney with many years of experience in environmental and land use law.  We are confident that our backgrounds and, in particular, the science, technology, informatics, computing, and genetics expertise of Hendrix-Genetics allow Troutlodge to maintain and increase our position as the world leader in trout genetics and the world's leading producer of live trout eggs. 

Troutlodge is likely one of the oldest aquaculture companies in North America, having been in business for over 75 years.  Troutlodge has been on the cutting edge of trout aquaculture and was the first in many areas of trout aquaculture: 

  • The first company to develop trout strains to naturally produce trout eggs every week of the year
  • The first company to sell over 500 million trout eggs in over 70 countries worldwide
  • The first company to apply both traditional and molecular genetics to vastly improve the economic performance of our trout strains.  
  • The first company to apply genomic techniques to produce bacterial cold water disease resistant strain of trout -- and these eggs are now commercially available.
  • The first company to develop all-female trout populations and sell all-female eggs with uniform and high growth rates
  • The first company to develop Troutlodge Natural Advantage all-female eggs produced naturally and which were needed for special markets
This list goes on.  Further, we demonstrated our commitment to sustainability by becoming the first aquaculture company in the U.S. to be certified as compliant with GlobalGAP aquaculture standards.  Our Board is committed to continual improvement and we regularly complete audits and take action to achieve our social and environmental goals and to improve our performance.  

All of us here at Troutlodge are excited to learn more about you, your company and your needs.  We invite you to explore our web site and to contact us should you need trout eggs or should you have any questons or need more detailed information.  

With Warm Regards,

Steve Brown, John Dentler, Jim Parsons and Hendrix-Genetics

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