The Benefits of Troutlodge

At Troutlodge it is our goal to maximize your potential. We believe that through the use of Troutlodge eggs your farm will be more effective and efficient, and will ultimately achieve higher profits and more sustainable success. The cost of eggs represents a small portion of your total unit cost of raising fish to market size. By purchasing eggs that have known advantages, the small additional amount you pay up front is more than repaid by the proven increases in performance through the:

• Highest hatch-out rates
• Optimal feed conversion ratios
• Fastest growth
• Superior flesh quality and yield
• Healthier fish throughout the life cycle

Our mission is to maximize your business potential by supplying you with the highest-quality, disease-free eggs in the world. You can trust Troutlodge - and you too can join the thousands of farmers around the world who have come to enjoy the superior benefits of Troutlodge products and services.

Samples are drawn from a fish for health testing purposes.  All eggs from Troutlodge are certified disease-free through an internationally-accepted independent health certification process.

Independent Disease-Free Certifications

All eggs shipped from Troutlodge are certified disease-free through an extensive, independent process that meets and exceeds OIE standards. Because of Troutlodge’s global customer base, it is subject to a wide variety of health certification requirements, and so it has developed a comprehensive testing program that is unparalleled in the industry...


PCR work is performed as part of the Genetic Selection Program and in Research & Development work.

Comprehensive Genetic Selection Program

Troutlodge genetic selection program is dedicated to enhancing the quality and value of every egg we produce, by optimizing the characteristics that are important to you. Please visit this page to learn more about this program.


Hatchery Manager Tom Elliott carefully packages eggs for transport to customers around the world.

Consistent, High-Quality Supply

With Troutlodge, you can easily and confidently plan your egg purchases to meet your production demands.  You can rely on Troutlodge to supply you eggs when you need them and in the quantities you need...


Troutlodge employee Meysi Zetino confirming an order with a customer. This is just a small part of the personalized service that is given to all customers of Troutlodge.

Personalized Service

It is because of our customers that we exist.  It is Troutlodge's mission to maximize our customers' business potential by providing the highest quality, disease-free products in the world - supported by personalized customer and technical services.  We seek to add value with every interaction...


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