Benefits of Triploid Eggs

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Triploid trout are also known as 3N or sterile trout. Some of the many benefits of triploid eggs include:

  • Better flesh quality compared to diploids
  • Better growth to large sizes as all energy is transferred to growth rather than reproduction
  • Comparable growth to diploid populations early in the life cycle
  • More efficient and productive use of hatchery facilities by removal of unnecessary reproducing fish
  • Fish are suitable for release without genetic impact, as they cannot breed with native populations

These benefits help make triploid eggs the perfect solution for farmers needing a sterile salmonid for the following situations:

  • Growth past the normal period of reproduction
  • Production of "trophy"-sized fish for recreational purposes
  • Prevention of reproduction in released or escaped fish

Troutlodge has been a pioneer in the development of triploid technology and processes for the salmonid industry. Thanks to this extensive experience, Troutlodge achieves +99% induction rates in the triploid process. All triploid eggs sold by Troutlodge are all-female.

For more information on the nature and benefits of triploids, please read Troutlodge's Technical Bulletin entitled Triploids in Aquaculture.

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