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Do you know another farmer who could benefit from the Troutlodge Advantage™? If so, please recommend us to them. Troutlodge appreciates referrals from its loyal customers, as it knows that the best means of advertising is a good word from a satisfied customer.


As an effort to encourage referrals of new business to Troutlodge and to thank the referring party for their efforts, it is the intent of Troutlodge, Inc. to compensate anyone who finds Troutlodge a new customer who orders eggs from Troutlodge. A new customer is defined as a company and/or person who have not ordered from Troutlodge during the past five (5) years.

Troutlodge will pay the finder of a new customer a commission of 10% of the FOB value of the eggs on the first shipment only. Once the shipment has arrived safely at its destination and the customer has paid for the shipment in full, compensation will be made to the finder within 30 days.

We thank you in advance for your referrals and for your continued business.

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Troutlodge is the world's largest producer of eyed salmonid eggs and the Pacific Northwest's largest private supplier of live trout. Today, customers in nearly every state and over 60 countries around the world enjoy the quality products and services provided by Troutlodge.

Troutlodge eggs and fish provide superior value through our Genetic Selection Program, Independent Disease-Free Certification, Personalized Customer and Technical Services, and Consistent, Year-Round High-Quality Supply. This value in turn means more efficient farming and ultimately - higher profits.

We invite you to visit us online for more information about what Troutlodge can do for your business!

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