Troutlodge operates a number of facilities in order to meet its growing production demands and to maximize the quality of its products, including both eyed eggs and live fish. Headquartered in the Pacific Northwest USA - the native home of the Rainbow trout - in the shadow of majestic Mt. Rainier, Troutlodge is part of a larger family of companies with operations around the world. Freshwater production sites, in addition to the USA, include the Isle of Man (Europe) and Chile.  In addition, the company's marine division (Troutlodge Marine) operates sites in Florida (Vero Beach) and Hawaii (Kona).  Please explore the links below to learn more about each of these facilities and how they are designed so that we can serve you best.


An aerial view of Troutlodge 1 near Soap Lake, Washington at the headwaters of Rocky Ford Creek.  This facility serves as the hatchery facility for the broodstock program and is home to the Genetic Selection program.

USA | Troutlodge, Inc.

Troutlodge operates ten facilities in the Pacific Northwest, USA. These facilities are located largely in Washington, as well as in Idaho and Oregon. We use each farm's unique characteristics (water temperature, water flow, geographical location) to meet our growing production demands and to maximize the quality of our eyed eggs and live fish.


A view of the Glen Wyllin Trout Farm from the neighboring hillside.

Troutlodge :: Isle of Man

Troutlodge produces eggs in Europe from our production sites on the Isle of Man (British Isles). From October to May of each year, we supply nearly 70 million eggs from these sites to farms throughout Europe, Central Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Our state-of-the-art broodstock and incubation facilities are built to the highest standards for the production of genetically-superior, disease-free eggs.


Troutlodge :: Chile

Troutlodge :: Chile is a Chilean company owned by Troutlodge, Inc. that specializes in freshwater rearing services for the Chilean salmonid industry. Located near the resort town of Pucon in Chile's Lake District (Region IX), the company manages salmonid broodstock (trout and Atlantic salmon) for the production and sale of eggs, alevins, and smolts throughout Chile. In addition, the company provides contract growing services, as well as custom genetics services in cooperation with the genetics team at Troutlodge.


A look at the renowned Kona coast.  This photo is taken along the shores of the NELHA facility, which Kona Marine Farms of Kona proudly calls home.

Hawaii | Troutlodge Marine Farms of Kona

Troutlodge Marine Farms of Kona is located along the beautiful Kona coast of Hawaii's Big Island. Here atop the hardened lava beds, we are able to farm both warm and cold water species in this tropical environment, thanks to the unique set-up at the NELHA facility where the farm is situated. Visit this page to learn more.


Troutlodge Marine’s Fabricio Bueno (General Manager) and biologists Marcel Carvalho and Valerio Vitalini stand in front of a tank of newly hatched cobia.

Florida | Troutlodge Marine Farms

Troutlodge Marine Farms owns and operates two sites along the Atlantic coast in Vero Beach, Florida. Here we work with cobia and Florida Pompano, focusing on the production and sale of high-quality eggs and juveniles for on-growing farms throughout the Americas. In addition, we also work with a variety of marine ornamental species through our Proaquatix division.


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