Shipping & Logistics

Troutlodge maintains a dedicated Logistics Team that coordinates all documentation and shipping arrangements in order to make sure your eggs arrive on time and in great condition.

The Logistics Team is committed to accurately taking your order and then working with you to ensure that the proper approvals are in place for import of eggs into your respective state or country. They prepare and provide all of the necessary documents and work diligently to accommodate all customer requests.

When it is time to ship your order, all Troutlodge eggs are packaged in insulated boxes specially designed for transporting eyed salmonid eggs. The eggs are carefully packaged to allow for up to 96 hours in transit. For photos and instructions on how to open a Troutlodge box, please see the Useful Links on the lower right side of this page.

Domestic shipments are sent either by Greyhound ground transportation or FedEx/UPS overnight air freight.

All international shipments are sent via air freight to the major international airport of the customer's choice, and the customer is responsible for then clearing them through customs and transporting them to their farm.

Troutlodge continuously works in cooperation with its freight forwarder, Specialty Cargo, to find the most efficient and cost effective routes to ensure quality service at the lowest possible cost.

To track your shipments on-line, please click here to advance to a page of links to the airline and cargo company websites. Please have your airway bill (AWB) number ready.

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