Coho salmon eggs
(Oncorhynchus kisutch)

Availability: December - April

Troutlodge is proud to partner with Target Marine Hatcheries of Canada to supply all-female Coho salmon eggs (O. kisutch).  These are the only all-female Coho salmon eggs available on the market today.  The use of all-female eggs in Coho salmon farming provides tremendous financial and management benefits through the elimination of “jacks” and an increase in roe (caviar) production.  Target Marine has developed this strain over the past 25+ years with a focus on selection for maximum growth potential.  Coho salmon can be reared in traditional saltwater net pen systems, or in complete freshwater systems for the entire life cycle (including recirculating aquaculture systems).  More specific information about growth rates, the benefits of all-female eggs, and other important facts can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions section below. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of all-female Coho salmon eggs?

Target Marine is the only company to offer all-female Coho salmon eggs. The benefits of these monosex eggs include the elimination of unwanted jacks in the population, an increase in roe (caviar) yields, and an ability to push smolts harder for faster growth due to no risk of jacking. 

How fast will the fish grow?

Actual growth rates are dependent on many factors, but the following can be provided for general guidance. Smolts are typically reared in 13-15°C water and grow to 50g in 5-6 months from hatch. Temperature manipulation can be used to slow this growth rate for the purpose of year-round entry of smolts to the sea. In salt water ambient temperatures, the 50g smolt reaches 3kg in 12 months, and 5kg in another 4 months. 

Can Coho be raised in freshwater for the entire life cycle?

Yes, Target Marine Coho are proven to be able to grown in freshwater flow-through or recirculation systems for the entire life cycle. Of course, they can also be transferred to the sea as in traditional Coho rearing. 

What are the ideal water temperatures for rearing Coho salmon?

The temperature thresholds for Coho salmon are as follows:
  • The ideal temperature range for hatching is 8-10°C, though the acceptable maximum is 12°C
  • The acceptable range for rearing in freshwater is 1-17°C
  • The acceptable range for rearing in saltwater is 5-21°C (above 20°C the fish become lethargic and feeding is minimized)

Are the eggs disease-free?

Yes, the eggs are free of all notifiable diseases, including BKD and all viruses. Screening and certification are undertaken independently by the Canadian Food Inspection Authority (CFIA). Documentation will be provided to meet the needs of the importing country. 

When are these eggs available?

These eggs are available each year from December - April. Target marine is looking to expand this season in future years if demand necessitates. 

Where are Target Marine Coho salmon eggs produced?

These eggs are produced and shipped from Target Marine's land-based facility in Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada.

How much do the eggs cost?

Please inquire Troutlodge regarding current pricing and availability.

How and when should I place my order?

Orders should be placed through Troutlodge, the exclusive sales agent for Target Marine's Coho salmon eggs. We recommend ordering as early as possible to ensure delivery when you need the eggs. 
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