Technical Services

Troutlodge's Technical Services department is dedicated to improving the quality of our products and services and to improving the abilities of our valued customers.  Utilizing an in-house team of geneticists, fish health experts, biologists, and fisheries technicians, in cooperation with outside experts, the Technical Services team:

  • Offers personalized technical services designed to help our customers become more efficient, effective, and profitable farmers
  • Engages in state-of-the-art Research & Development work aimed at providing innovative and sustainable products and services to our customers and the industry as a whole
Future broodstock are hatched in upwelling jars at Troutlodge's hatchery facility near Soap Lake, Washington.

Hatching & Early Rearing

Successful hatching and early-rearing is key to the long-term growth and survival of your fish throughout the life cycle. Here you will find a step-by-step look at the best practices for the hatching and early-rearing stages of development...


Through genetics, we are able to target the one element of the performance equation that we can control as an egg producer.  The environment and interactions happen on your farm...and Troutlodge's Technical Services and Sales teams stand ready to help you maximize all parts of the equation.

Technical Bulletins

Because we care about the success of your business, Troutlodge regularly publishes Technical Bulletins to help you maximize your business potential. These Technical Bulletins cover a variety of topics, and are prepared by Troutlodge's expert Technical Services team and outside consultants. The Bulletins are all designed to provide a clear, concise look at a topic relevant to your day-to-day operations and long-term business success...


Troutlodge Product Development Manager Sean Nepper smiles as he takes a break from examining eggs under a microscope.

Research & Development

Troutlodge is committed to continuing its legacy as a pioneer in the aquaculture industry. Along those lines, Troutlodge commits significant time and resources each year towards research and development. Visit this page to learn more about our current research and development programs.


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