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Published on May 19, 2020

Supporting Turkey’s aquaculture growth plans

At the 8th Annual Turkish Aquaculture Association symposium and workshop, hosted by the Central Union of Aquaculture Producers, Aquaculture R&D Director of Hendrix Genetics Robbert Blonk presented the latest insights in the world of aquaculture breeding and genetics. In addition, he shared knowledge on the importance of good husbandry and environmental conditions to obtain the best performance from Troutlodge stock.

Aquaculture in Turkey currently produces around 270,000 tons of fish, and plans are to increase to 500,000 tons by 2025. With Rainbow trout contributing to about 40% of these figures, Turkey is a very important market where producers can benefit from the 75 years of experience of Troutlodge.

During the event, several important subjects for aquaculture production in Turkey were discussed including the present and the future of aquaculture in Turkey, alternative feed materials for fish feed production, integrated fish production, possible alternative species to produce, and closed aquaculture systems to increase fish production, which would produce more fish for export.

Troutlodge was one of the main sponsors of the event, which was very well attended with at least 800 delegates from the Aquaculture industry registered. Turkish state officials were also represented by several senior executives during the event, including the Minister of Agriculture, Vice Minister responsible for Fisheries and Aquaculture and many other state officers.

Attending the symposium for Troutlodge were Scott Ewing (Troutlodge Global Sales and Marketing Manager), Jon Handley (Troutlodge EMEA Sales and Marketing Manager) and Tolga Sepetoglu (Troutlodge Turkey Sales Representative).

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