Fish health

Developing a comprehensive aquatic animal health plan

Developing and maintaining programs for assuring the good health of cultured animals is crucial for the efficient operation of any animal production operation, and is especially important in the aquatic environment associated with aquaculture production. The producer is often faced with a myriad of components to consider, many of which seem beyond his operational control. Reducing a program into its basic components eases the job, and is an important exercise for any aquaculture operator to consider.

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Bacterial coldwater disease

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This technical bulletin focuses on Bacterial Coldwater Disease (Flavobacterium psychrophilum), an important and prevalent issue in fish health. The bulletin looks at the causes, distribution, symptoms, diagnostic techniques, prevention, treatment and control.

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IPN (infectious pancreatic necrosis )

Infectious pancreatic necrosis is one of the first described and most extensively studied diseases of fish. It has serious consequences when found on a fish farm, and farmers should do everything possible to avoid the introduction of this viral disease. This Technical Bulletin looks at the causes, distribution, clinical signs, diagnostic techniques, prevention, treatment, and control, among many other critical aspects covered.

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