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Troutlodge operates 9 facilities in the Pacific Northwest, USA. These facilities are located in both eastern and western Washington, as well as in Idaho. We use each farm's unique characteristics (water temperature, water flow, geographical location) to meet our growing production demands and to maximize the quality of our products, including both eyed eggs and live fish. Our broodstock facilities utilize crystal-clear spring water. Rainbow trout thrive in this healthy environment. All facilities are carefully protected by comprehensive biosecurity programs that are designed to reduce the possibility of the transfer of diseases to our facility or the transmission of a diseaes within one of our facilities should a disease ever occur.

Farms in Washington State are located near Sumner, Tacoma, Hoodsport, Rochester, Ephrata, and Soap Lake. Our Idaho farm is located in Twin Falls - the heart of the United States' trout industry. 

The proximity of the spawning and incubation facilities to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport enables us to ship eggs to destinations around the globe in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

Within these facilities, we also maintain a fish health laboratory and a number of wet-lab facilities for use in our Genetic Selection Program and Research & Development efforts. Staffed with a dedicated team of some of the world's leading experts in fish genetics and health, these facilities enable us to fulfill our vision of providing innovative and sustainable solutions to our loyal customers and to the aquaculture industry.

In addition to the sites in the USA, we also have freshwater operations in the Isle of Man (Europe) and Chile, and marine operations in FloridaHawaii, and Washington.

Note: For biosecurity reasons, tours are not permitted at any of the production facilities.   Also, please feel free to explore our Photo Gallery for a look inside our production facilities.



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