Our story

From humble beginnings to world leader

Troutlodge is one of the oldest aquaculture companies in North America, having been in business since 1945.  We have been on the cutting edge of trout aquaculture and were the first in many areas of trout aquaculture. 

Troutlodge operations are located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest USA - the native home to rainbow trout. Starting from a producer of trout for local food markets, Troutlodge is now the world's leading producer of eyed salmonid eggs. We are also one of the largest private suppliers of live trout.  We supply these trout to large public utility districts, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, indigenous tribal entities and other public and private entities.  

Founded in 1945 by friends Ed McLeary and Ken Drew, Troutlodge has grown and adapted in order to accommodate its growing customer base and the evolving needs of the trout industry. In the USA, Troutlodge has grown to include a total of 8 facilities located throughout the states of Washington and Idaho, including its original home at the springs that form the headwaters of the Rocky Ford Creek. In addition, Troutlodge owns and operates freshwater subsidiaries in the Isle of Man and our sister company produces trout eggs in Chile. Chilean operations were founded in 1996, and the Isle of Man operations began in 2007 with the purchase of the Glen Wyllin Trout Farm. The expansion onto the Isle of Man gave Troutlodge its first production sites in Europe.

Together, the network of Troutlodge facilities enable us to take advantage of ideal water conditions for the growth and maintenance of its broodstock, and better serve the company's global markets and of course our customers around the world.

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