Multi-species advantage

Part of a global network

As part of Hendrix Genetics, Troutlodge belongs to a global network that collaborates and innovates together. This advantage is especially seen with shared insights and advancements across species. Trout is one of three aquatic species that are part of Hendrix Genetics, the others include shrimp and salmon. Additionally, Hendrix Genetics is also a leader in land animals, with layers, turkeys, swine and traditional poultry.

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As part of a multinational multi-species breeding company, Troutlodge benefits from access to state of the art technology, with constant new investments being made into all parts of the business. Investments are also not limited to just equipment, Hendrix Genetics recognizes that employees are the most valuable asset it has. It is for this reason that employees have access to all the resources they need, this can include attending conferences, professional development and cross-functional training.