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Troutlodge maintains detailed records on each shipment of eggs including specific lot numbers. With these records Troutlodge knows what other customers received the same lot of eggs and we can monitor their results compared to your results. Moreover, Troutlodge completes a reference hatch with nearly each lot of eggs we produce. This reference hatch is preceded by a simulated shipment -- a sample of about 200 eggs are packed in a shipping container and stored with ice for two to three days -- just like a real shipment. The eggs are then unpacked and incubated at Troutlodge. After the hatch is complete, we enumerate normal hatch from dead eggs and any developmental issues. We then record this information and retain the records as a helpful resource for diagnosing problems should a customer encounter hatching issues.

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Our warranty

Troutlodge works hard to ensure you have good results with our eggs. We are likely the only company in the world that both advanced machines and careful personal care to ensure you achieve high hatch rates. We guarantee (warrant) a hatch out rate of 90% based on the invoiced number of eggs you receive.

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Claims form

In order to make a claim, the Troutlodge Claims Form must be completed and returned to Troutlodge within twenty (20) days of the date the shipment originated. This form can be completed by hand or electronically. We strongly recommend submitting photos of the eggs and send the photos with the claims form. The more information we have, the more likely it is that we may be able to determine why substandard results were achieved. Troutlodge may be able to make recommendations on how to achieve better results in the future.

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