The Troutlodge advantage

All female eggs

Troutlodge is the world's leading supplier of eyed rainbow trout eggs. We specialize in the production of all-female and triploid (sterile) eggs. All-female eggs are preferred by commercial trout farmers throughout the world. Troutlodge proudly offers all-female Rainbow trout eggs as its standard product, meaning you do not pay a premium for these superior eggs. Maximize your farm's potential through these significant benefits:

  • Firmer, more palatable flesh.
  • Better feed conversion.
  • Better, healthier fish due to fewer males.
  • Fewer unmarketable, precocious males at dress-out time.
  • Excellent commercial presentation of trout at any time of year.

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Triploid Trout

Triploid trout are also known as 3N or sterile trout. Some of the many benefits of triploid eggs include:

  • Better flesh quality compared to diploids
  • Better growth to large sizes as all energy is transferred to growth rather than reproduction
  • Comparable growth to diploid populations early in the life cycle
  • More efficient and productive use of hatchery facilities by removal of unnecessary reproducing fish
  • Fish are suitable for release without genetic impact, as they cannot breed with native populations

These benefits help make triploid eggs the perfect solution for farmers needing a sterile salmonid for the following situations:

  • Growth past the normal period of reproduction
  • Production of "trophy"-sized fish for recreational purposes
  • Prevention of reproduction in released or escaped fish

Troutlodge has been a pioneer in the development of triploid technology and processes for the salmonid industry. Thanks to this extensive experience, Troutlodge achieves +99% induction rates in the triploid process. All triploid eggs sold by Troutlodge are all-female.


Availability: late April - mid-July

Troutlodge Jumper strain rainbow eggs are typically available and offered to customers between April and July. The Jumpers strain is selected via genomic selection for high resistance to Bacterial Cold Water Disease. Eggs are approximately 4.8 - 5.3 mm on average. To ensure your alevins or fry survive and grow well we recommend feeding premium trout starter diets after hatching and “swim-up” with a size range of 0.2 mm – 0.6 mm. Click here for more information about our BCWD resistant Jumper strain.

The Jumper group was originally acquired decades ago by the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife from lakes in British Columbia due to its reputation as a sporting fish. Troutlodge acquired the strain from WDFW for similar reasons when a larger part of our business was dedicated to stocking private and public waters in Washington State.

According to our long-serving team members, the first selection process performed on this stock was to set screens in the raceways with Jumper stock low enough that those fish with the desire could jump over the rack. The fish that jumped the rack was selected, with the idea being these fish would provide the best fight for anglers. For this reason, the nickname ‘Jumper’ was given to this group, a name that continues to this day and is still part of our inventory labeling system. Despite these origins, this group began undergoing quantitative breeding selection for the same criteria as our other groups and should be considered the same as our other groups in terms of growth performance. In addition, the Jumper group has been subject to multiple generations of Genomic selection for resistance to Flavobacterium Psychrophilum infections (BCWD/RTFS) and shows significant resistance to such challenges.

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Availability: late July - mid-October

Troutlodge Kamloops strain rainbow eggs are typically available and offered to customers between July and October. Of the 4 groups, Troutlodge produces, Kamloops strain eggs are roughly 20% smaller in size and average between 3.5 - 4.5 mm. Despite their small egg size, the Kamloops strain growth rates compare very similarly to our other three rainbow trout strains. To ensure alevins or fry survive and grow well, we recommend using premium trout starter diets after hatching and “swim-up” at a size range of 0.2 mm – 0.6 mm.

The Kamloops group has our longest spawning window – lasting from June through September/October. Although unconfirmed, this group likely represents our longest-held line of trout originating from some of Troutlodge founder, Ed McCleary’s original stock. Before the introduction of the other three strains Ed was originally able to extend the spawn season of his stock by keeping some fish in warm, earthen ponds, and others in cooler ponds with constant spring water flow.

This practice, likely coupled with some crossing with the November group at some point, is the likely cause of this extended spawning season. Although the Kamloops group generally produces our smallest eggs, this strain shows fantastic performance during early rearing leading to little difference in average weight once our fish move outside.

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Availability: mid-October - mid-April

Troutlodge's "Silver Steelhead" trout are specially bred to have a distinctive silver color and excellent growth in both seawater and freshwater, making them ideal for use in net-pen operations. Winter and Fall steelhead are produced by two distinct strains of trout and both are subject to our comprehensive Genetic Selection Program. These eggs are available from mid-October to mid-April.

Our Steelhead strains originate from the area around Puget Sound, Washington from stock accustomed to spawning in rivers and migrating to the Pacific Ocean for growth up to sexual maturity. Within the general Steelhead category, we have November and February groups, representing early and late winter spawning. Eggs from these groups are typically our largest eggs.

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