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Troutlodge produces eggs in Europe from our production sites on the Isle of Man (British Isles), a tiny island located in the middle of the Irish Sea. From October to May of each year, we supply nearly 70 million eggs from these sites to farms throughout Europe, Central Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. This is in addition to the nearly 500 million eggs supplied year-round from our USA production sites. Our state-of-the-art broodstock and incubation facilities are built to the highest standards for the production of genetically-superior, disease-free eggs.

The Isle of Man is one of only two OIE-approved disease free zones in the world. This in turn means the eggs are certified to the same high levels as Troutlodge's USA production and meet the stringent certification demands of our numerous export markets.

As the Isle of Man enjoys full trading privileges with the European Community, eggs supplied from this facility are not subject to import duties when supplied within the European Union, which equates to lower costs and less paperwork for you.

On the Isle of Man, we operate two production farms - Glen Wyllin and Cornaa. The Glen Wyllin site, which is fed by pure, cold spring water, is located on the western shores of this isolated island. The centerpiece of the Glen Wyllin farm is the state-of-the-art hatchery building, surrounded by newly renovated broodstock holding tanks. Troutlodge completed construction of a new series of recirculation broodstock tanks in 2012, which will further enhance the quantity and quality of the eggs produced from this site. Along with that, the state-of-the-art water temperature controlled and water recirculated spawning, incubation, and hatchery facility is unparalleled in Europe, and gives us ideal conditions for the production and distribution of eyed eggs.

The second site - Cornaa - is a broodstock facility located in the northern part of the Isle. In addition, this site is where we produce fish for recreational stocking throughout the Isle's famed fishing reservoirs.

Both the Glen Wyllin and Cornaa sites use the same high-quality genetic stocks. In cooperation with the genetics team from Troutlodge USA, we conduct a comprehensive genetic selection program on these stocks in order to continue optimizing their growth and survival rates.

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