Comprehensive Genetic Selection Program

Troutlodge's genetic selection program is dedicated to enhancing the quality and value of every egg we produce, by optimizing:

• Hatch-out rates
• Feed Conversion
• Growth
• Survivability
• Uniformity
• Flesh quality
• Flesh yield
• Disease-resistance

In order to achieve this mission, Troutlodge has an experienced in-house team of scientists and maintains state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to the program. In addition, we work cooperatively with many outside experts to incorporate the most modern molecular and quantitative genetics research into our programs.

The Troutlodge scientific staff carefully monitors performance characteristics and parent selection to ensure optimum production gain in future generations, while maintaining genetic variability in the populations. This monitoring is done using a comprehensive computer program that not only evaluates growth of the individual fish, but also its siblings and multiple generations of ancestors. Selections are made based on the traits that you, our customers, have identified as most important for your success.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to provide an unbiased environment in which the fish can grow and be evaluated. The fish are reared under identical lighting and tank conditions, and are fed by a computerized feeding robot. By eliminating environmental variance, we can better assess the genetic potential of each family of fish. Each fish is tracked using an electronic PIT tag and growth is regularly assessed on a computerized measuring table.

We do not rest in the knowledge that our eggs are the finest on the market today. We realize that there is always room for improvement and that genetics are the avenue to improvement. Therefore, we constantly gather feedback from customers and dedicate significant resources to continuously improve the quality of our eggs.

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