Brinnon, Washington
Puget Sound, USA

Brinnon is home to our sablefish broodstock and juvenile rearing facilities.  This site, located on a former shellfish laboratory, sits alongside the Hood Canal, where it utilizes cold seawater pumped from the depths of the canal.  This facility was established in 2009, and it is here that we have produced two commerical runs of high-quality sablefish juveniles.  

This site has been continuously updated since its inception to incorporate the latest developments for the successful production of sablefish.  With this combination of the latest technologies with our growing expertise in this unique species, we are poised to continue developing this site to accommodate our growing production numbers and market demand.  

Our work at Brinnon stemmed from our initial work with sablefish at NOAA's Manchester Research Station, located in the Puget Sound of Washington State, USA.  We continue to partner with NOAA to further explore both sablefish and other high-value marine finfish species.  

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