Arctic charr eggs
(Salvelinus alpinus)

Availability: October-December, May-June

Troutlodge is pleased to offer Arctic charr eggs to our customers around the world.  These eggs are now produced by the Miracle Springs hatchery located in British Columbia. 

Troutlodge charr eggs were previously produced at our Rochester, Washington and Hood River, Oregon facilities. Troutlodge trasnsferred its broodstock to Miracle Springs Hatcheyr in British Columbia.  These charr eggs demonstrate superior growth and uniformity, and demand for these eggs continues to grow. These eggs are available as diploid and triploid, and are available once per year in late-November and early-December. Miracle Springs Hatcheyr is planning to expand this season into the spring in 2016.

Contact Troutlodge today to learn more about arctic charr eggs and to place an order. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What species of Arctic charr do you sell?

We sell eggs from the Nauyuk Lake strain of Arctic charr produced by Miracle Springs fish hatchery located in British Columbia, Canada.  They are a superior strain of the species Salvelinus alpinus, a member of the salmonid family.   

What is the cost and is there a minimum order?

Pricing is dependent upon volume.  All prices are quoted FOB Miracle Springs (depending on product ordered).  Minimum orders do apply.  Please contact Troutlodge today for pricing and availability.

What are the ideal temperatures for Arctic charr?

The ideal hatching temperature range is 5-10°C. Ideal grow-out temperature is between 10-13°C, meaning many farmers can grow these fish in the same facilities used for rearing trout. Fish can be grown at higher temperatures up to 15°C, though it is not recommended.

Will these fish survive in salt water?

Arctic charr do great in brackish water.  3-8 ppt is ideal, but the fish can tolerate concentrations up to 15 ppt.

Where are the eggs shipped from?

The charr eggs offered through Troutlodge are shipped from Miracle Springs Hatchery located in British Columbia, Canada.  They are accompanied by all necessary documentation as issued by Canadian authorities.

When will these fish reach market size?

Growth rates are affected by a number of factors, but under average conditions the fish will reach market size (2-3 lbs) in 20-24 months.

What permits are required to import these eggs into the USA?

You will need to obtain a Federal Importation Permit from the US Dept of Fish and Wildlife [Permit 3-201 (1/97)], as well as any applicable State permits as pertain to the import of eyed eggs into your state.  The Federal Permit is usually good for a period of one year, so we encourage you to proceed with obtaining the permit as soon as you have decided to import Arctic charr eggs from Miracle Springs. 

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