Von Bayer Method

It is important when you receive your eggs that you count them to verify the contents of your shipment are correct and to begin an accurate inventory for your fish as they move through your farm system. There are many methods for counting eggs. In its many years of experience, Troutlodge has come to rely on the Von Bayer method for counting. The Von Bayer method utilizes a trout egg measuring trough* that measures 12" length (inside dimension), with a 45º bend and a depth of approximately 1.5".

There are two steps in using the Von Bayer method - first sizing the eggs, then counting the eggs. Below are the instructions for doing so. The same instructions and the needed measurement chart, both in a printable PDF format, can also be found in the Relevant Info section to the right.


1. Re-hydrate the eggs
2. Fill your Von Bayer trough with a single row of eggs.
3. Use a non-sharp pointed object (pencil) to discard extra eggs from the trough. Do not force the eggs into the trough. The eggs should fit fairly loose, but there should not be any spaces.
4. Count the number of eggs that fill the trough.
5. Refer to the Von Bayer chart (see reverse side) to determine the size of the eggs (eggs per ounce).


1. Take a 1 quart or 1 liter plastic measuring cup. If necessary, cut off any portion of the cup that is over the 1-quart or 1-liter mark. This will make it faster and easier to level the measured eggs.
2. Fill measuring cup at least half full of water.
3. Use strainer and add eggs to the cup. Tap side of the cup to get rid of air bubbles and to settle the eggs.
4. Level eggs at the top of the cup, by gently scraping off excess eggs.
5. Pour measured eggs into separate container.
6. Repeat until all eggs have been measured / counted.
7. Multiply number of quarts or liters of eggs by the size of the eggs. This will give you the total number of eggs.


1 Quart = .946 Liters
1 Liter = 1.057 Quarts
1 Quart = 32 ounces = 946 ml
1 Liter = 33.8 ounces = 1,000 ml
Size of eggs * Volume of eggs = Total number of eggs


60 eggs in trough = 264 eggs per ounce = 8,459 eggs / quart (from chart)
57 quarts of eggs in shipment
(8,459 eggs / qt) * (57 qts) = 482,163 eggs

*If you do not own a Von Bayer trough, please contact Troutlodge to obtain a free stainless steel trough for your use.

For more information on other counting methods, please see the SRAC Bulletin - Handling Eggs & Fry, which can be found in the Relevant Info box to the right.

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