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Troutlodge :: Chile specializes in freshwater rearing services for the Chilean salmonid industry. Located near the resort town of Pucon in Chile's Lake District (Region IX), the company manages salmonid broodstock (trout and Atlantic salmon) for the production and sale of eggs, alevins, and smolts throughout Chile. In addition, the company provides contract growing services, as well as custom genetics services in cooperation with the genetics team at Troutlodge USA.

Troutlodge :: Chile currently operates one farm - Catripulli - that is fed by a crystalline spring that provides nearly 4 cubic meters of clear cold (8°C) water per second.  Troutlodge :: Chile uses this first-use, disease-free water in a network of 33 raceways, over 120 circular rearing tanks of varying sizes, an egg incubation facility, and an egg hatchery. The hatchery facility encompasses approximately 10 acres of the 84 acre (34 hectares) Catripulli facility, with the remainder of the land being comprised of native hardwood forest.

Established in 1996 by Troutlodge founder, Ed McLeary, the company has grown and adapted along with the growing aquaculture industry of Chile.  Troutlodge :: Chile now employs in its operations over 50 workers, the vast majority of which are Mapuche Indians.

For more information on Troutlodge :: Chile and its products and services, please contact Rodrigo Torrijo, General Manager of Troutlodge :: Chile.


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