Benefits of Triploid Fish

Looking for that perfect "trophy-size" trout? Looking to minimize potential impacts on wild populations? Look no further than triploid trout from Troutlodge for your stocking program. Troutlodge is proud to serve as the primary supplier for the State of Washington's popular "trophy trout" program each year.

Triploid trout are also known as 3N or sterile trout. Some of the many benefits of utilzing triploid trout in your stocking program include:

  • Fish are suitable for release without genetic impact, as they cannot breed with native populations
  • Better growth to large sizes as all energy is transferred to growth rather than reproduction
  • Comparable growth to diploid populations early in the life cycle
  • Better flesh quality as compared to diploids

Troutlodge has been a pioneer in the development of triploid technology and processes for the salmonid industry. Thanks to this extensive experience, Troutlodge achieves +99% induction rates in the triploid process. All triploid fish sold by Troutlodge are all-female.

For more information on the nature and benefits of triploids, please read Troutlodge's Technical Bulletin entitled "Triploids in Aquaculture".

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