Eyed Eggs FAQ

Below is a list of the some of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding Eyed Eggs. We hope this information helps, but if you have any further questions, please contact us at any time.

What strains of Rainbow trout do you sell and are there differences between the strains?

We maintain four strains of Rainbow trout, including the specialty strains - Silver Steelhead and Kamloops. Under normal conditions, there is no difference in the growth rate and survivability between the different strains. The different strains do have different external characteristics, however. The Kamloops and Jumper strains are known more for their vibrant color and fatter body shape. The Steelhead are prized for their distinct silver color and long, lean body profile; as well as their ability to grow well in seawater.

Do you sell any other species than Rainbow trout?

Yes. From the USA, we sell Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus) eggs.  In addition, we sell Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) in Chile from our production site there (Troutlodge :: Chile).  For those interested in marine species, please visit the Troutlodge Marine website to learn more about those product offerings.

Where can I find more information on salmonid farming?

For your convenience, we have tried to include much useful information throughout this site, particularly in our Technical Bulletins page, as well as in our Links & Resources page. Please explore this site, and if you still have questions, please contact us for further assistance. We are here to help!

Are the eggs certified disease-free?

Yes, all eggs shipped from Troutlodge are certified disease-free through an internationally-accepted independent health testing program.  For more information on the testing protocols and diseases for which we test, please see our Health Certifications page

How do I place my order?

Orders can be submitted by phone, e-mail, fax, or posted mail, or can be requested via our new on-line Order Management System (coming soon).  Orders should be placed early in order to ensure you receive the quantity needed on the date desired. 

What documents are provided and when are they sent?

The documents provided vary with the requirements of the specific destination state or country. Troutlodge maintains a list of the requirements for each state or country, but it is important for customers to notify us of any changes to the requirements should changes be required. The customer is responsible for verifying all documents are properly completed and that they meet the requirements of their respective country prior to shipment. For more information on the documents provided for your country, please contact Troutlodge.

What are your payment terms?

Payment is due in full at least ten (10) days prior to shipment, unless otherwise indicated.  Please see the Terms of Sale document directly below for instructions on making payment by bank transfer.  Please be sure to use the Isle of Man banking instructions if making payment for a shipment from that site (Glen Wyllin Trout Farm, Ltd).  Major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card) are also accepted, as well as checks (domestic customers only).

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Troutlodge Terms of Sale - English (Updated June 2014) (PDF,214Kb)

What are the terms of sale?

All prices are quoted FOB Troutlodge.  However, unless otherwise requested, Troutlodge does make all arrangements necessary for transporting the eggs from Troutlodge to a major international airport of your choosing (international shipments only).  Domestic shipments are sent either via FedEx/UPS Overnight or Greyhound (Idaho and some California destinations).  Because we care about our customers and because we stand behind the quality of our products and packaging, we do offer to replace any eggs lost or damaged in transit due to delay, mishandling, or misplacement.  Please contact Troutlodge for an estimate on the freight costs for your order.

Please see the link directly below for a complete list of the terms & conditions of sale, including a copy of Troutlodge's Limited Warranty.

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Troutlodge Terms of Sale - English (Updated June 2014) (PDF,214Kb)

Can I cancel or change my order once it is placed?

You are free to modify or cancel your order at any time up to 14 days prior to the scheduled ship date*.  Cancellations, postponements, or decreases to your order within 14 days of the scheduled ship date are subject to a cancellation fee in the amount of 50% of the order value.  This policy, which is effective January 1, 2008, is necessary because of the growing time required to complete documentation and gain approvals for shipping eggs to most countries.  This fee can be waived under certain circumstances.

*Orders for triploid eggs cannot be cancelled within 30 days of the scheduled ship date, and are subject to a 100% cancellation fee if cancelled within this time period.

For a complete understanding of our Cancellation Policy, please see the Terms of Sale document below or contact us.

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At how many temperature units (TCUs) are the eggs shipped, and how long after arrival until they hatch?

All eggs are shipped at 245 TCU, and arrive with 65 TCU before hatch, which is 6-7 days @ 10°C (50°F).

How are the eggs packaged?

The eggs are packaged in trays which are set inside an insulated box specially designed for transport of eyed salmonid eggs. The temperature inside the box is a constant 4°C (39°F) in order to prevent premature hatching while in transit.

Where will my shipment be sent to?

All international shipments are sent to the nearest major international airport of your choice.  The customer is then responsible for clearing the eggs through customs and transporting them to their farm.

Domestic shipments sent via FedEx or UPS are delivered to the address of your choice.  Domestic shipments sent via Greyhound ground transportation must be picked-up from the nearest Greyhound bus station. 

How long do the eggs last in their boxes?

Eggs are packaged for up to 96 hours of transit, but can sometimes last longer under ideal conditions. Troutlodge selects airline routes that ensure the eggs arrive within this timeframe in order to ensure maximum quality to our customers.

How do I open the box?

For step-by-step instructions (with pictures) on how to properly open the box in order to avoid damage to the eggs, please see the link below. A separate window will open, displaying a PDF file that you can easily print for your use.

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How do I safely transfer the eggs into my hatchery?

It is important that you temper the eggs into your hatchery. Tempering the eggs means to slowly bring the temperature of the eggs up to match the temperature of your hatchery water. This process will help you avoid shocking the eggs and causing premature hatching and/or deformities. For complete suggestions on hatching of eggs and early-rearing of fry, please visit our Hatching & Rearing section and Technical Bulletins page for more information.

Have the eggs been disinfected prior to shipment and should I disinfect at my farm?

Yes, the eggs have been disinfected in a solution of 100 ppm organic iodine for 10 minutes prior to shipment. It is up to the individual farmer and/or government regulations to decide whether or not to disinfect the eggs upon arrival. If you do choose to disinfect, the eggs should be surface sterilized using an iodine disinfectant such as Argentyne (active ingredient - 10% polymetric iodine). Mix 8 ounces Argentyne into 5 gallons of hatchery water. Immerse your eggs in this solution for 10 minutes. Please note - eggs should not be disinfected within 5 days of hatching, as this can cause excessive mortality and/or premature hatch.

What percentage of the eggs will hatch-out?

Troutlodge is known for having the highest hatch-out rates in the industry. This is achieved by first utilizing the highest-quality broodstock, but is further ensured through our careful attention to detail in the hatchery. The eggs are sorted and picked in three separate processes, including a final hand-pick just prior to shipment, to ensure you get only the highest-quality eggs in your shipment. As a result, most customers experience hatch-out rates greater than 95% with every shipment. We guarantee that you will get a 90% or higher hatch-out rate with every shipment of eggs, and we will replace any eggs lost above and beyond this amount, unless it is found that the excessive losses are the result of neglect or mishandling on the part of the customer. If you experience losses in excess of 10% or any other problems, please submit a completed Claims Form for our review and action.

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Can you recommend treatments for my fish?

Troutlodge does not recommend specific products or dosage levels. The work of diagnosing potential or existing problems and recommending treatments and dosage levels should be conducted by a local veterinarian. This veterinarian should be qualified in fish health matters and familiar with local rules & regulations related to fish health treatments.

Can you recommend a feed company for me to use?

Troutlodge does stress the importance of using high-quality feed from a known and trusted supplier.  However, we do not recommend one feed company over another, but instead recommend that you find a supplier for your market who is able to supply you with quality feed at a fair price and with reliable delivery times and customer service.  

Do you sell green eggs & sperm?

Troutlodge supplies green eggs and sperm for research purposes only. Eggs and sperm can be shipped anywhere in the United States, and are shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight service. Orders should be placed at least one week in advance. A signed statement on company letterhead detailing what will be done with the eggs, including final use of the fish, is required prior to shipment.  Minimum orders do apply.
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