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Published on Nov. 27, 2019

Congresswoman Kim Schrier visits Troutlodge

In November 2019, Congresswoman Kim Schrier visited Troutlodge’s facility in Bonney Lake, Washington.

Congresswoman Schrier noted, “I never knew the world’s largest trout egg producer was located right here in my very own Congressional District. I have a new appreciation for Troutlodge and just how much care, science, research and development and overall effort goes into producing the 500 million trout eggs that Troutlodge ships to customers in about fifty countries each year. I was impressed how these trout eggs, when hatched and grown efficiently convert fish feed into healthy nutritious trout needed by many around the world. I was also very impressed that Troutlodge has attained GLOBALGAP certification for good environmental and social practices and performance, not to mention certification for the ethical treatment of animals by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.”

John Dentler led the discussion about Troutlodge, the need for aquaculture worldwide and the relationship between seafood and human health. Greg Hudson, Michael Loop, Kyle Martin and Greg Hudson helped provide additional information about our operations. Tom Elliott and Ken Johnson’s demonstration explained how Troutlodge eggs are processed and shipped.

John Dentler noted. “This was a rare opportunity for Troutlodge to raise some important federal regulatory issues that adversely affect Troutlodge and the U.S. Aquaculture Industry and which can only be resolved by Congressional action and support.”

congresswoman visits troutlodge.jpg

Congresswoman Kim Schrier, Tom Elliott (Left) and John Dentler discuss hatchery management, processing and shipping at Troutlodge hatchery in Bonney Lake, Washington during the Congresswoman’s visit.

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