Coraqua success

Published on May 12, 2020

Coraqua success

Troutlodge, like many companies which rely on exports for a large part of sales revenue, is learning to be even more flexible in the way we conduct business.

As the world continues to struggle with Covid 19 and companies work to keep product flowing and logistical channels open; strong personal and professional relationships are keys to success during these ever-changing times.

During the Covid 19 crisis Troutlodge has continued to support its customers and their industries by working with freighting partners to find new routes to our international clients. At the same time, our close relationships with distributors and clients around the world, and their ability to be flexible and adapt to new realities helped Troutlodge overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges over the past couple of months.

Specialty Cargo, our freight partners have been integral in this and have worked hard to identify new carriers and routes which are suitable for our time sensitive product. Since March 1, 2020 we have successfully shipped 46,000,000 eggs to 22 countries across 5 continents.

As mentioned above, collaboration with our distributors has been key to continued success. As an example, a recent shipment to our close partner Peruvian Corporation Aqua Alevines SAC in the Andes of Peru, in Puno near Lake Titicaca provides a perfect example. After 2 days of air travel and a 30 plus hour truck drive through the Andes Mountain to the farm on Lake Titicaca, the shipment of over 3 million fertilized trout eggs successfully made it to the destination.

Troutlodge would like to thank our partners Peruvian Corporation Aqua Alevines SAC, Specialty Cargo and all the dedicated employees that made this logistical effort a success. From Lima to Saskatoon; Moscow to Hanoi and all points in between, Troutlodge and partners will find ways to deliver product to our valued clients around the world. Thanks to everyone involved.

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