Exploring the growth potential of Troutlodge trout

Published on Sept. 7, 2021

Exploring the growth potential of Troutlodge trout

With the recent transition of Troutlodge’s Rock Creek hatchery to a Research and Development farm, we have had the opportunity to push the limits on growth performance. As part of a longer-term project to collect performance data, we observed for the first time a production group reach 2kg after only one year on feed.

The Troutlodge Standard Growth Profile project was initiated to generate real world growth performance data on each of our strains. With the idea that clients can use this information as a benchmark for expected performance, we have posted the data on our website and update monthly as new data is received.

TL Growth Profile Thumbnail.png

The eggs used for these trials are standard all-female diploid production eggs, which represent the same genetics as clients receive upon ordering from Troutlodge. Just like an order sent to clients, the eggs are packaged in our hatchery in Washington State, then shipped to the Rock Creek R&D farm in Idaho. Upon arrival, they are rehydrated and hatched in standard heath tray style incubators with first use spring water of 13.2°C. Post hatch, the fish follow a stringent feed regiment utilizing commercially available Bio-Oregon starter feeds, and Skretting Classic Fry and Steelhead diets (Table 1).

To show a range of expected performance, as well as the dramatic effect of different feed rates, the fry are split into 2 separate groups, one receiving 120% of the manufacturers recommended feed rate, while the other receives 150%.

Feed Size Rates V2.jpg

Table 1: Feeding regiments used for the Standard Growth Profile project, using 120% and 150% of manufacturers recommended diets.

The difference in growth rate is apparent between the two groups, however both reached 2kg target in less than 16 months on feed (Figure 1). At 150% of manufactures recommended diet, we observed for the first time a production group reach 2kg average size at precisely 52 weeks after initiation of feeding.

FCR TL9.png

Figure 1: Growth rates and FCR at 120% and 150% feed rates for the 2020 Troutlodge Steelhead growth profile groups.

Please visit our Standard Growth Profile page for monthly updates on the growth profile project.

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