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Published on Nov. 28, 2019

Onalaska High School visit

In Troutlodge’s never ending quest to provide education and support to communities around the world, this month Troutlodge visited Onalaska High School’s STEM/Woods/Metals/Aquaculture class in Onalaska, Washington.

Troutlodge’s Hunter Smith and Kyle Martin went to the high school on Tuesday, November 12th and taught a class on how to sort, spawn, fertilize and incubate trout eggs. Additionally, Kyle – Troutlodge Chief Geneticist spoke about genetic selection.

Troutlodge was invited to Onalaska High School by Skills USA Advisor Mr. Kevin Hoffman and both sides were very grateful for the opportunity to share with the students at Onalaska High School.

Mr. Hoffman commented, “Having Kyle and Hunter help out for the morning was invaluable. We appreciate your willingness to help see our program succeed.”

Each year Troutlodge hosts numerous educational tours and events to help communities learn more about aquaculture in general, and what it takes to produce 500,000,000 fertilized trout eggs to supply the world’s trout producers.

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Bright, young student fertilizing trout eggs at the Onalaska High School aquaculture classroom.

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