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Published on Oct. 21, 2019

Troutlodge achieves enhanced welfare certification

Troutlodge has been designated as a RSPCA Assured producer of rainbow trout, a well-respected certification of high animal welfare standards in all areas of production.

High welfare standards are important, not just for consumer trust and transparency, but because we believe it is the right thing to do. To lead forward in animal welfare, we aim to keep our processes up to date to meet the latest welfare standards.

The RSPCA Assured label is designated by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for the enhancement of welfare standards for food production. Troutlodge was recently awarded certification for this well-respected label. The certification is an important achievement for a number of our customers who produce juveniles for subsequent harvest within the scheme. The label also provides additional options for the sourcing of Rainbow Trout Eggs for growers who currently market final product under this well respected and recognized brand.

Our facility in Seattle, Washington was inspected for water quality and careful handling procedures. RSPCA standards are designed to ensure fish are raised in a healthy environment without stressful handling procedures. To prepare for certification, and to ensure the procedures are maintained, a specialized welfare training program has been put in place for current and future Troutlodge staff.

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We’re really pleased to have attained this standard. Although the RSPCA Assured label is principally for the UK market, similar schemes are not yet common in the US. Troutlodge is pleased to be the first US company to offer certified product to customers while demonstrating a commitment to animal welfare in aquaculture

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Keith Drynan
General Manager

The RSPCA Assured label provides easy recognition for consumers that the product they are buying has been raised ethically. Troutlodge is proud and honored to achieve this high standard.

Learn more about the RSPCA Assured program

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