Published on Sept. 8, 2020

Continuously extending our global reach

Troutlodge partners with trout egg distributors, trout producers, veterinarians, feed companies, universities and influential organizations all over the world. Within the past 75 years, Troutlodge has established a well-known reputation in the industry and has built strong two-way partnerships, aiming to guide trout farming customers to the next level.

Scott Swett, Co-owner of Specialty Cargo longstanding freighting partner of Troutlodge says “Having worked with Troutlodge, and being in the industry for so long, they have always included us and treated us as if we were part of the family rather than just a vendor. This has been very rewarding for us, and we really appreciate our partnership.”

Speciality Cargo is one of those strong two-way partnerships.  Being involved in the industry from a young age, Scott was born into the industry, coming from a long line of family freight and customs official experts.  Shipping Troutlodge products for over 25 years now, Scott says he has always had an excellent working relationship with the team. “Always helpful, friendly and like family to us. For as long as I’ve been in the industry, right from the start, I’ve partnered with Troutlodge. They have a very unique product, that upholds tight time constraints to maintain their high-quality standards. They also ship to many remote locations, making the product available in many regions. For me personally, it’s very rewarding to know how we play a role in successfully shipping their products with the expertise they can count on every time.”

Troutlodge works with partners all over the globe to accelerate expansion in untouched regions. Partnering together, achieving more through skill sharing and expertise. Though Troutlodge ships products all across the globe, there are still markets that have been untouched to the general public due to shipping restrictions. Partnering with freight shipping experts have made these regions accessible and the global expansion we have achieved as a result is very impressive. Feeding the world by providing high quality products to people in areas that never had the opportunity before.

Partnership doesn’t only benefit Troutlodge, it also provides opportunity for our partners to achieve their business goals as well. Sometimes shipping product to new, rural locations requires some out-of-the-box thinking to navigate a different method of shipping. “For Speciality Cargo, it’s pushed us to think of other avenues for sales growth and has opened doors for us in other parts of our business.” Our partners play a key role in helping us provide top-notch service and products. From this, we have been able to identify new carriers and routes to get our product to our customers.

Seeing what Troutlodge has achieved from their experience in the industry, we can expect great things for the future. Troutlodge is growing and continuously expanding. With plans to access even more regions and remote areas across the globe in the future. Being able to provide a variety of specialty products to more people across the globe and continuing to grow the industry with more hatcheries.

“We’ve noticed a dramatic change in the reputation of Troutlodge as a global brand. They have become very recognizable in the industry and have built a great reputation for themselves. People have really gotten to know the brand over the years and know they are receiving high quality products with every order.” - Scott Swett, Co-owner of Specialty Cargo.

With valuable expertise gained throughout years of business, Troutlodge has grown to be a recognizable brand and has become the world’s leading supplier of superior trout genetics. Known for upholding a high health status, industry leading quality certifications, and focus on Research & Development, Troutlodge products are trusted by customers all over the world.

We wish the entire Troutlodge family a happy anniversary. It is a huge task to reach 75 years. Troutlodge has built and maintained not only a trajectory but a robust story.   A story of which Truchas Surala has been able to be a part for 10 years.  Our philosophy has always been to surround ourselves with the best to be even better and the support of Troutlodge has been fundamental to the professional development of all of us and the success of our company.

Truchas Surala

We are proud to be part of this great, successful team, not only because of the professional and work bond, but also because of the trust and relationship built during these years between Troutlodge and Coraqua Peru. We are very grateful for the friendly, personal and kind treatment. Sending our most sincere greetings for your 75 years of transcendence from the Coraqua Peru family!


On this very special day, on behalf of the company Trucsady Perú we want to send you our most sincere congratulations on your 75th anniversary; also, highlight the wonderful work that Troutlodge have been doing year after year and we appreciate all the help and support Troutlodge have given us.

Trucsady Perú

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