Published on June 25, 2018


With the spring season underway, a group of employees decided to participate in the local softball league.

Pictured front left-right:  Ky Hyytinen, Matt Caligdong, Zach Caligdong, Kyle Martin, Lance Loney.  From top left-right:  Hunter Smith, Steve Dzierzanowski, Alex Sindelar, Colby Smith, Justin Moore, Shawn Shell.  Not pictured:  Andrew Wilson, Jake Mager, Austin Franklin, and Karl Schott.

Undergoing its first season as a team the Troutfielders looked to stay competitive across the twelve team league.  Starting off the team struggled to find who fits best for each position, but as the season progressed the Troutfielders found its stride.  With a nine-game regular season, the Troutfielders finished seventh overall and advanced to the tournament with the top eight teams.  The tournament played out with a rematch against the experienced two seed which unfortunately brought the season to a close.  With gained experience, the Troutfielders look to bounce back next year as this season was first of many to come.

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