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Published on Oct. 29, 2020

Troutlodge Sales Manager Jon Handley continues as UK distributor

EMEA Regional Sales Manager, Jon Handley, has decided to leave Troutlodge and continue as Troutlodge’s UK distributor of high-quality trout eggs. With the knowledge and experience of 30 years in aquaculture, of which five years specifically dedicated to trout, Jon will provide UK trout producers with easy access to the best performing trout genetics in the industry.

An opportunity he could not resist, led to Jon’s decision to take over the operation of the Berkshire Trout Farm. The 15 acre farm opened for business in 1907 and is the largest trout farm in the United Kingdom that supplies both Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout for restocking and Rainbow Trout for smoking. It has the capacity to hatch 10 million eggs per annum.

Keith Drynan, General Manager of Troutlodge commented: “We wish Jon all the best with his new venture. Although we are going to miss his contribution to our sales team, we welcome Jon with great confidence to our distribution network. With his technical skills and our trout genetics, we believe mutual success is guaranteed.”

Berkshire Trout Farm, the base from which Jon Handley will operate.

Troutlodge is looking to fill the position of Sales Manager EMEA quickly to continue sales and support in this region.

Troutlodge, part of Hendrix Genetics, is the world's leading supplier of eyed Rainbow Trout eggs and specializes in the production of all-female and triploid (sterile) eggs. Troutlodge maintains four strains of Rainbow Trout that allows supply of Rainbow Trout eggs every week of the year. All rainbow trout eggs are produced from a comprehensive Genetic Selection Program which is designed to maximize value to customers by optimizing hatch-out rates, feed conversion, growth, and marketability.

For more information about this press release and sales position:

Mr. Scott Ewing

Sales & Marketing Manager
Troutlodge Inc.
T +1 308-389-1706

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