75th anniversary

Celebrating 75 years with Troutlodge

This year marks the 75th anniversary of Troutlodge, the world’s leading producer of eyed trout eggs. As an anniversary that few companies have the opportunity to celebrate, we are proud of all the accomplishments achieved throughout our time in the industry. In operation since 1945, specializing in rainbow trout eggs, Troutlodge offers all-female and triploid eggs and has grown to become the Pacific Northwest's leading supplier of live rainbow trout. At the heart of Troutlodge are our valued clients and partners, and we pride ourselves on serving them with the highest-quality products and services.

We want to take this opportunity to reflect on how it all started as we look forward to a bright future and another 75 remarkable years of trout breeding together. To celebrate this occasion, we are hearing from industry leaders, partners, clients and team members of Troutlodge to reflect on this anniversary and the share some of the milestones achieved together along the way.

Every month we will highlight a new feature article below, sharing memories about involvement, experiences, and successes throughout the years.

Next level of trout breeding

Troutlodge has been a leader in the industry for a long time but the application of genomics has allowed us to advance our breeding programs even further towards the next level of trout breeding. With our standard practice now to use genomic selection for disease resistance, we are one of the first companies in trout regularly applying this technology.

Kyle Martin, Senior Geneticist for Troutlodge has been with the company for over 12 years, managing breeding program operations in collaboration with R&D to ensure we are selecting for the right traits and are using the best methods available for data collection. Focusing on the traits that are most important to the industry, we deliver value to our clients.

Being fascinated with science and fishing, Kyle decided to combine the two, pursuing aquaculture genetics in college as a way of helping to feed the world. Beginning his career with Troutlodge in 2008, he has witnessed many developments like the increased use of genetics and genomics technology. “When I first started, genotyping (looking at the DNA structure and DNA differences between animals) was very expensive. The cost of genomics has gone down quite a bit now which allows us to increase the use of genomics technology in our programs, for example to improve disease resistance.”

Hendrix Genetics has also become more efficient, using advanced automation in our processing of data analysis systems, allowing us to continue being valued leader in the field of aquaculture. Using the latest technology, Hendrix Genetics is working to develop alternative phenotyping methods that will improve data quality and animal welfare. “Our goal is to be able to phenotype the animals without having to remove them out of the water, increasing the standard of animal welfare.”

The future is bright for Troutlodge with continued expansion of genomic selection, disease resistance and other valued traits. Kyle mentions “Troutlodge plans to increase the specialization of products to meet the needs of specific markets. Through continued field testing in specific regions and their environment we can develop specialized products tailored for specific environments.” A definite benefit for unique regional environments like Peru, which has high elevation and lower oxygen levels in the water.

As a senior geneticist at Troutlodge, Kyle travels often for client-based projects all over the world, serving as an opportunity to meet clients and generate data that can be applied back into our breeding program and improve the genetic performance of our animals. Building relationships and sharing knowledge with people across the world and improving expertise within the industry.

With Aquaculture being a relatively new industry in comparison to other animal husbandry like poultry or cattle for example, Troutlodge has been making strides at advancing our technology, catching up to other industries alike. Progressing at a good pace, Troutlodge has been able to be advance in many developments along the way and is leading the industry towards the next level of trout breeding.

By celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Troutlodge we are celebrating the dedication and hard work of the company but also the lasting relations of the partnerships we have made within the industry. Through sustainable animal breeding and world-class collaboration, we aim to continue contributing to the growth of the trout farming industry.

With a growing population and demand for trout increasing, we believe in partnering for the cause and coming together to achieve greater success for the industry. Over the years we have also grown with our clients and have been fortunate to align with wonderful partnerships. We acknowledge the support we have received through our years in the industry and we want to thank all of our partners, customers and team members who continue to support us. As we celebrate this milestone, the future of sustainable animal breeding looks so bright and we can’t wait to continue this journey, together.

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The trout eggs of Troutlodge have been in China more than 20 years, Troutlodge has become the most reliable brand in trout farming industry in China.

Beijing Bio-Tech

We celebrate with joy the 75th anniversary of Troutlodge. We are very proud to be a part of your life and your business. We celebrate thanks to Troutlodge, 30 years of having started our formal imports, time in which Acuagranja SAS develops or one of the current markets, most important for Troutlodge. Of course, all this thanks to the hard work of all the people who are and have been part of this great company. Our company and the trout industry have grown together with Troutlodge during all times of difficulties and achievements. Troutlodge shows commitment to their customers, characterized by the past 30 years of presence in Colombia.

Acuagranja SA

A solid company delivering high quality products, year-round.


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